Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Roster Time!

Rosters for the full season minor league teams came trickling out this week with Opening Day on Thursday. This is absolutely the most hectic week in the life of a minor baseball staffer. The games bring a sweet rhythm but this week is a mad dash.


C: Sandy Martinez

1B: Juan Tejeda

2B: Jeff Keppinger

SS: Chris Basak

3B: Chase Lambin

OF: Lastings Milledge, Cory Aldridge, Julio Ramirez, Todd Self

SP: Jason Scobie, John Main, Jose Lima, Jeremi Gonzalez
BP: Steve Schmoll, Heath Bell, Royce Ring, Tim LaVigne

Note: I have 17 of 25 roster spots accounted for.


C: Andy Wilson/Yunir Garcia

1B: Brett Harper

2B: Wilson Batista

SS: Corey Ragsdale

3B: Jay Caligiuri

OF: Carlos Gomez, Bobby Malek, Jorge Padilla, Jonathan Slack

SP: Vincent Cordova, Evan MacLane, Orlando Roman, Miguel Pinango, Bryan Edwards
BP: Eddie Camacho, Willie Collazo, Ryan Cullen, Ivan Maldonado, Tim McNab, Miguel Perez, Luz Portobanco, Henry Owens

Notes: Evan MacLane starts opening day. Also, it was really, really cold in Binghamton for the B-Mets first workout.

St. Lucie

C: Aaron Hathaway/Sean McCraw

1B: Mike Carp

2B: Blake Whealy/Emanuel Garcia

SS: Ryan Coultas/Russ Triplett

3B: Shawn Bowman/Tyler Davidson

OF: Alhaji Turay, Jamar Hill, Derran Watts, Corey Coles

SP: Alay Soler, Philip Humber, Michael Pelfrey, Michael Devaney, Michael Swindell
BP: Daniel Foley, Tim Worthington, Greg Ramirez, Shane Hawk, Chuck Smith, Greg Belson, Carlos Muniz, Rafael Cova, Blake Eager, Marcelo Perez, Jose Sanchez

Notes: A stacked rotation featuring three Mikes should make for an interesting race to AA.


C: Rafael Arroyo, Andrew Butera, Joan Martinez

1B: Nick Evans

2B: Jose Castro

SS: Jonathan Schemmel, Hector Pellot

3B: Leivi Ventura, Matt Anderson

OF: Fernando Martinez, Elvis Cruz, Jonel Pacheco, Jonathan Sanchez

P: Sal Aguilar, Josh Appell, Eric Brown, Jeff Landing, German Marte, Wagner Mateo, Ryan Meyers, Brandon Nall, Jacobo Neguilis, Jorge Reyes, Joe Serfass, Kevin Tomasiewicz

Notes: I didn’t spend the time to differentiate between starters and relievers in Hagerstown. Add another thing to my to-do list.